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July 11, 2005



Hey, did you see this? It's related to your worries about the shield laws for journos. Apparently Doug Clifton, the editor of Ohio's biggest paper, the Cleveland Plain Dealer, has admitted pulling two major investigative pieces on the advice of lawyers after a New York Times reporter was sent to jail for refusing to divulge the identity of a source.


that Rove was just stupid

There's a doco out there called "Bush's brain" about Rove's history and role in Bush's rise to power. There's a lot of negative adjectives I can think of to describe Rove ("turd-blossom" springs to mind), but "stupid" is not one of them. He rose to his position after Bush the elder recognised his underhanded tactics as something the Bush clan could make use of, and chose to bring him onboard rather than punish him for his misdeeds. Rove learned that if he served the powerful, he would be protected, as far as was in their power. And in turn, by being their dirty-man, he gains power over them.

He's cold and calculating, and after all of the training he has received, I doubt that he has misstepped. I'm willing to bet 2-1 that he will come out of this unscathed.


Elendil - My previous post to this one, "And now it begins," started with the Plain Dealer. There's a new, equally worrying story out of Rhode Island, which I'm
about to add.

As for Rove -- I haven't seen the doco, but smart people can make stupid mistakes. Lawrence O'Donnell made the case on the radio that he might not have been as aware of the niceties orf national security law as he is of the grubby intricacies of backroom politics. I could, of course, be entirely wrong.


Elendil - My previous post to this one, "And now it begins," started with the Plain Dealer.

oops :*)


footnote re the Cleveland Plain Dealer's impact in Ohio i've heard politicians just refer to it as the CPD


i'm curious since rove released cooper from confidentiality seems to indicate confidence of getting past this, but there's something psychologically fascinating to me also about rove having moved a little more out of the shadows altogether with his most recent white house appointment, as if he has a need to be seen one way or the other that's in his psyche; maybe i should be a psychopolitical commentator ... the scoop though is that if there's enough noise for a long enough time, the w team is compromised, and i'd love to see that reflected as early as the next congressional elections ... once again though ... the dems have to put together a coherent and believable message, i remember a time when the dems had an inspiring message, though that was before several of my good friends were born

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