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June 24, 2005



Karl Rove was also not in the Bellevue ER on 9/11/01. He didn't see and hear a woman crying in pain from burns, injuries, and shock. He didn't see a man sitting with an oxygen mask and a look of devestation, trying to take in what had happened--and probably failing. Neither he nor his pet came to NYC in time to smell the burning building-barbeque smell that came out of the towers for long after the collapse. He didn't risk his life to try to save others as Guliani and any number of police and fire fighters did.

My response to the attacks was to think that they were a very bad thing. Such a bad thing that they should not happen again. Anywhere. To anyone. Not because I felt any sympathy for the attackers or even because I want to forgo revenge--I could see dropping bin Laden in a Pakastani neighborhood and letting his co-religionists decide if they're grateful for his defense of Islam or not, for example--but because the majority of people hurt and killed in a bombing or war are going to be innocent. And I don't see how the damage done can ever be worth it, no matter how good the goal.

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