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May 30, 2005



So often, folks with disabilities are limited to their restrictions. I love the way you talk about "fuller lives." Have you read Lenny Davis' work on Disability Studies?

Gimpy Mumpy

Absolutely Chris. I wish only more writers and journalists had such a full understanding of disability. So often we are depicted either on the "poor cripple" end of the spectrum with our disability front and center in a way that makes the viewer or reader turn away or we are used on the "inspirational success story" end of the spectrum. The reality is that we are human and as such our experiences and personality types vary greatly. Many of us fall in the middle of the spectrum, we are Regular People. We laugh, we cry, we make good decisions and bad decisions, we are human. The things that are of importance to most people are important to most of us. We are sexual, intellectual and political. We are human.

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