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May 02, 2005



This is a lovely and very thoughtful post.

Thanks for joining the Progressive Women Bloggers webring. We're glad to have you with us.


Hi Chris. Thanks for the link and your comments on Rummy's Diaries. I've been procrastinating replying to you, because I'm not sure what to say. Yes, I do want people losing sleep over it, but it occurs to me that the sorts of people who will lose sleep over it probably don't need to. You seem like a good, thoughtful person. People like you don't need to lose sleep over it, but invariably you do, because that's what made you good and thoughtful in the first place.

WRT activism, it seems to me that the problem is deeper than one of information. The information is out there. Americans, Brits and Aussies, the ones mostly responsible for this mess, have access to it. With a little effort, they would know what the deal was. I guess it's related to what I said above. Those who put in the effort don't need to, and those who need to, won't.

D. Anthony

Aidan Delgado has tremendous courage. He is still in college yet takes time to make speaking engagements all across America. I think speaking out is part of the healing process and hopefully his message will keep many others from enlisting in this stupid war. There are many, well-organized groups bl;ogging against him so he needs our help and support.

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