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April 04, 2005



I met Berryman in 1969 at Skidmore College. I was staying with my girlfriend, who was a freshman there -- well, a fresh woman, I guess.

Berryman was a sad figure, decrepit, tired, angry. Of course I recognized his voice and his character in the bit about Henry. I even asked Berryman a question about Henry at that party.

I have a place in my heart for 77 Dream Songs but I can't help wishing Berryman didn't have to drink so much. I think we could have had more. I know that's wrong and unfair. Still, I do love the Dream Songs.

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Ralph -- Berryman realized toward the end of his life that alcohol was a problem for him; I think was trying to replace it with Catholicism. but the darkness inside was too much for him. I do also wish he'd found a way past.

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The Heretik's Research Assistant

That Heretik is something of a freak but he will be posting poetry by the bunches all month.

. . . now if I could just get him to pay me by the word. . . . I come up with all the big words . . . .

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