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February 02, 2005



I never thought I'd miss Ashcroft...Well, maybe I don't really miss him, but putting a curtain in front of the statue of justice and having a fear of calico cats seem like such minor and almost amusing quirks compared to a fondness for torture such as the just confirmed AG has.


Gonzales is confirmed, Thank God we will be able to continue to deliver the propoer justice to the animals that deserve NO RIGHTS. I really can't believe that all you fucking liberals have nothing to say about the elections go off without any major attacks except for a few pieces of shit.

Why is it so hard to understand that interogations of prisoners SAVE AMERICAN LIVES !!!!! Oh thats right we should all die.


So Ed, assuming you're right and we should treat prisioners like animals, what would you say to the ones that are found guilty but have been tortured anyway? Were they just born in the wrong place at the wrong time?

I'd like to save as many American lives as possible, mostly by getting the soldiers back home.

Still, AG is confirmed and 100,000 civilians are dead in Iraq. You must be very happy.


"Why is it so hard to understand that interogations of prisoners SAVE AMERICAN LIVES"

Perhaps because they don't? If you have any evidence that any attack on anyone anywhere has been prevented by interrogations such as Gonzales endorsed, I'd like to see it...because I have yet to see any and have seen plenty of evidence that the interrogations do harm by demonstrating that US-Americans think of Iraqis and other foriegners as "animals".


Excuse me. Where I said "US-Americans" in the post above, I should have said "the majority of the US-American government and some, though I hope NOT the majority, of the US populace". I really didn't mean to slander the government, much less the people of the US: I was being lazy in identifying one with the other and not acknowledging differences within each. Just the sort of error that leads to things like people considering "the enemy" (whoever the enemy may be) non-human, I'm afraid.


" Do Nothing ever and criticize everything that is done " - Liberal mantra

Only use hindsight if you are afraid of looking ahead.


Hey Ed, do you have a blog of your own, or do you just heckle and criticize on your sister's?

It's all a lot easier from the sidelines, isn't it?


Sorry Annie, No I work for a living.
You may have heard of it. The kind of work that make me pay taxes to subsidize these blogs.


Yeah, liberals never do anything, just complain. Equal rights for minorities and women, the 40 hour work week, medicare, and other social programs were all brought to you by the tooth fairy. And, of course, universal sufferage, the end of slavery, and the Bill of Rights were all ideas endorsed and promoted exclusively by conservatives. And US itself? The King just generously let the country go...And if you believe all that I've got a bridge to sell you.

By the way, Ed, I know that you're no slacker, but would be very suprised if you work harder than Chris does, blog or no blog, liberal politics or no liberal politics. And incidently, what gives you the idea that blogs are paid for by taxes?


OK, I'm closing the comments on thus one, now: it's all become way too personal.

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