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February 20, 2005



excellent article. Thanks


The excellent article is Kathy Dobie's, I think - but thanks for stopping by!

J. M. Branum

Thank you so much for sharing this.

Thomas McCay

Both parts of the article are very good and informative.

I went AWOL from the US Air force in 1969, during the Vietnam horror show. I've lived in Canada since 1970. And no I was never eligible for any clemency or amnesty program.

I remember those were terrible and lonely times for the cannon fodder class. Today seems worse.

Oh, the smell of freedom.


What are the consequences of going AWOL fromt he U.S Military?


I went awol in 1968. I came to St Lucia (West Indies), on the urging of my mother and did not return as my green card passport ,return ticket and passport were stolen from me by relative who wantewd to ensure that I did not return to the Army. I attempted to return to the Us several times. Once in 1974 I wrote the "induction board " , after learning that they had recenly searched my aunt's home for me, informing them that iwas in St.Lucia. In the time of the Gulf War (1990), I tried to volunteer to go to the "Gulf"
Is there any possibility that I can gain entry into the US as a visitor ?


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