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February 18, 2005



In the Abu Ghraib-fatigue of late summer 2004, a report that Marines in Uruzgan province in Central Afghanistan were using sexual humiliation tactics got nearly no attention from the mainstream media in the US and Britain. "Taliban Country," an Australian documentary aired on SBS last year, contains serious allegations from 35 villagers who say they were detained, moved to a Forward Operating Base where they were stripped, fingered/sexual humiliated and photographed.

The US military opened two investigations into these allegations following the airing of the film, the results of which have not been released.

In the case of remote Afghanistan, until now, the American military has acted with impunity.



Janet -- Thanks so much for this. Are you involved with the film?

And that impumity you speak if is not new. (In this era of old ghosts resurfacing - cf. Negropointe -- I'm half expecting Lt. Calley to be appointed Special Adviser for Scorched Earth).

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