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January 26, 2005



"Alberto Gonzales was a central architect of policies that have undermined America’s moral authority and have been rebuked by the Supreme Court ... The fact that he has been rewarded with a nomination to be Attorney General demonstrates the astonishing and pervasive lack of accountability that is a hallmark of this administration." -- People for the American Way -- which outlines Gonzales' record as follows:

"... Gonzales’ lack of independence – particularly his willingness to subvert the law and the Constitution to the wishes of his superiors – and his deeply troubling actions on a range of important issues make him unfit to serve as the chief enforcer of Americans’ rights.

"The People For the American Way statement reviews Gonzales’ record in:

-- undermining the rule of law and Americans’ legal protections under the Constitution;

-- supplying legal justifications for torture;

-- irresponsibly handling clemency applications from death-row inmates during his tenure as counsel to then-Texas Governor George W. Bush;

-- promoting a divisive ideologically driven approach to judicial nominations;

-- leading a crusade for excessive secrecy to shield the executive branch from oversight and accountability; and

-- failing to acknowledge and act on personal conflicts of interest in the investigation of Enron."

Carl Nyberg

Chris, you're on the list of blogs opposing Gonzales. Is your traffic up?

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