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December 16, 2004



This is an amazing and terrifying post. I don't have much to say about it because you've said it all so eloquently, but I did want to point out that while PTSD can be caused by many different things, the act most likely to lead to PTSD is participating in an atrocity--moreso even than being a victim of an atrocity. The fact that so many US soldiers are getting PTSD so quickly leads me to worry about what they are doing out there, as well as what is being done to them.


One additional thought about the link under the heading "need support for the rest of their lives." It leads to a posting of a letter stating that the Iowa City VA was turning away service connected vets because it could not take any new patients. The letter was written in August, 2001--BEFORE the Sept 11 attacks and subsequent wars. With the influx of new patients from the recent wars, it must be completely overwhelmed now.

I remember the Iowa City VA from when I was a resident at University of Iowa in the mid to late 1990s. It was already overburdened and understaffed. Nevertheless, we never turned down a patient and often overbooked patients so they could be seen in a reasonable amount of time. I hate to think of how bad things must have gotten that they now have to turn patients away.

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