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November 10, 2004



I wondered how Bush was going to possibly come up with someone worse than Ashcroft, but he seems to have managed.

Carl Nyberg

Didn't the Bush team lie to the Supreme Court in one of the cases about "enemy combatants"? Was Gonzales the one that lied to the Supremes? Or he at least was involved in crafting the arguments that were the substance of the lies?

The Dems should ask him if Bush administration lied to or misled SCOTUS. If he lies in his confirmation hearing this is ample reason to vote against him.

The opposition, which should include some Republicans, should say clearly: Gonzales was part of a legal strategy that used deception of all nine SCOTUS justices in a case involving civil liberties. This disqualifies him from being the nation's chief law enforcement officer.


Carl - your analysis is brilliant. Unfortunately, Gonzalez being both Latino and pro-choice seems to have struck even the usually levelheaded Leahy and even Joe Biden, whose words on Geneva last came through clenched teeth, quite dumb.

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