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November 14, 2004



Do nothing, criticize everything.
Soldiers volunteer to defend our country. They are made aware of war from thier earliest education and know that it is hell. If being in the Armed Forces was just to pay for thier college education then they made a mistake. I still believe that it is better to fight in Iraq than to worry about bombers in NY. I know that under Bush we will be succesful in Iraq, Afganistan, and wherever else our leader leads us. I know my opinion is not poular in NY where rich kids spend Mommy and Daddy's money to help speak piut against the fact that thier parents earned money and want to keep it. Poor people are poor for a reason, they want to be.


Ed, I'm not going to try to uncurl your logic bits one by one. Though it's precisely because they volunteer that their commanders need to ensure that they're not sent off lightly on a fool's errand -- and why, in a very practical sense, to make sure that those extremely predictable psychological consequences are attended to. I also think this war has made America more vulnerable, not less.

As much as difference of opinion are fine, my little brother, please don't talk dirty here (the way you did about people in poverty). The beliefs that led you to that statement are too complex to go after here, but your offhand insult there is beneath you.


Ed, I'm sorry, but your statements are so idiotic I'm not sure where to start. I could mention that invading Iraq becasue of an attack by al Qaeda makes as much sense as invading England because of an attack by the IRA would. Or maybe that even attacking "guilty" countries like Afghanistan is not particularly likely to decrease the chances of more terrorism in the US or abroad. But I think I'll go straight for the central underlying assumption of your post: that it is ok to kill innocent people. Would it be right to kill (at least) 300,000 civilians in Iraq in revenge for the killing of 3000 US-Americans even if the attacks in the US had been done by Iraqis at the behest of the Iraqi government? Personally, I don't think so. I was in lower Manhattan on September 11, 2001. I spent most of the day in Bellevue Hospital trying to help the wounded and taking blood donations from people who wanted to help. Having seen exactly what injuries from a bombing look like (though, really, I only saw the minor injuries: the morgue got the worst of them), I don't wish that on anyone. Not even Bush or bin Laden. Certainly not on innocent Iraqi children. If you do, that's your perogative, but I'm not going to agree to it, even if Manhattan is attacked again.

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