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November 30, 2004



Oh, too strange. I say you should write to Barbara Hall and ask her to lunch. If you choose a ritzy enough place, I'm sure she would love to join you. Okay it might break the bank, but wouldn't it be interesting?

But I wonder. Do we pull it all from the same ether? What warped reality is this world or is the warped reality our fiction? My own twilight zone: As you know, I've been working on a collection of short stories set in the mythical bay area city of San Andreas. The first one I wrote in, oh, 1995. In several -- okay a number -- of the stories (including that first one), the completely-invented San Andreas zoo is featured. Especially the elephants in the zoo. They are key characters. Now, the San Francisco zoo is giving up on its elephant exhibits and front page news has been the story of Tinkerbell, the Asian elephant, being moved to an elephant sanctuary in the small California town of San Andreas. Which I did not know existed. Does this mean I didn't think of it first, the link between the elephants and San Andreas?


Didn't mean to sound flip about this, btw. If I were you, I'd probably be feeling a sense of betrayal about this... even if NONE of this is deliberate AT ALL, how come she gets her version of the vision out there widely, and you do not? Doesn't seem fair.


Actually, it's not betrayal I feel -- I'm aware of the difference in our two media, and now that I'm massaging my Judith's journey again, that my delivery is nowhere near as clean as hers. I would love that lunch, but Hall is (a) in L.A. (b) guards her privacy so furiously I can't even get an email address for her.

However, should an explicit military plot close the season, I'll know there's a mole somewhere.


Her sister Karen's blog:


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